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Your First Massage: A Step by Step Guide

Scheduling your first massage appointment marks the primary and pivotal step toward embracing a journey of well-being. However, it is natural to harbor some uncertainty about the subsequent phases of this process. This article is dedicated to discovering what you can anticipate during your initial therapeutic session and the mutual expectations for both you and your therapist, all designed to ensure you gain the utmost benefit from this transformative experience.

Signing RMT forms


First and foremost, we recommend arriving approximately 15 minutes before your scheduled appointment. There's no specific dress code to adhere to; the key is to wear whatever makes you feel most at ease and relaxed. Whenever possible, it's a good idea to leave any jewelry at home and avoid using strongly scented products. These extra 15 minutes are designed to give you ample time to complete your health history form and allow your therapist to review it before welcoming you into the session.

When it comes to filling out your health history, we encourage you to be as comprehensive as possible. Please include any diagnosed medical conditions, medications you're currently taking, and any specific areas of concern. This information is absolutely essential, as our treatments are tailored to each individual. Your health history plays a significant role in how your therapist approaches your treatment plan. Be assured that all the details you provide will be treated with the utmost confidentiality and care.


After you've completed your health history form, your therapist will guide you to the treatment room, signaling the beginning of your dedicated treatment time. At the outset, there may be a brief intake discussion as your therapist is eager to understand your treatment objectives. They might need to conduct a short physical assessment to ensure they cater to your specific needs, and they will then outline their approach for the session. Open and honest communication is a cornerstone of the treatment process, so please don't hesitate to ask your therapist any questions or share your concerns. They are here to ensure your experience is as comfortable and beneficial as possible.

Beginning your Treatment

The next step involves a brief moment where your therapist steps out of the room, allowing you some time to prepare for the massage. When it comes to undressing, it's all about what makes you feel most comfortable. Different people have varying preferences in this regard. For optimal results, consider removing clothing and any remaining jewelry from the area that will be the focus of the massage. However, please remember that this session is all about you, and your comfort is paramount. If there's anything you're not at ease with, your therapist is entirely flexible and will adjust to your needs.

Areas not currently undergoing treatment will remain covered by sheets and a blanket. For instance, during a back massage, everything below the hips stays covered, and if a leg is being massaged, only that leg is uncovered, and so forth.

RMT Treatment begins

Afterward, take a moment to make yourself cozy on the massage table. Your therapist will guide you on whether to start face up or face down. The standard beginning is face down, so if you're unsure, that's a good choice. Slip between the sheets and rest your face in the comfortable, donut-shaped face cradle provided, ensuring you stay warm and covered.

Once your therapist returns, the massage will commence. If at any point during the massage you feel uncomfortable or if the pressure is too much, please don't hesitate to communicate your feelings. Many massage therapists will periodically check in with you about this, but you're more than welcome to speak up without waiting for them to ask. Your well-being is their top priority, so there's no need to worry about being open about your preferences. Similarly, if any questions or concerns arise during the treatment, feel free to share them.

Now, let's talk about conversation during the treatment. Some people enjoy chatting, while others prefer to relax and let their mind drift. Both options are completely fine, so you're not obligated to talk or remain silent. Once again, it's all about what makes you most comfortable, so go with what feels best for you.

Post Massage

As your treatment time nears its end, your therapist will exit the room, providing you with the opportunity to get up and dress at your own pace. It's important to take your time and proceed with care, as a massage can sometimes induce mild feelings of light-headedness. We recommend sitting up slowly and waiting a few seconds before rising to your feet. Don't forget to collect any jewelry you may have removed for the treatment.

Upon your therapist's return, they will check in with you to gauge how you're feeling post-treatment and may reassess your condition if necessary. Additionally, they might offer you some at-home care instructions. If anything is unclear or if you have questions, we wholeheartedly encourage you to ask for clarification.

The session will conclude with your therapist guiding you back to the lobby.

Now that you've been walked through all the details of your first massage, the next step is straightforward. Schedule your first massage, and let the rejuvenating journey commence!