Port Moody RMT

RMT Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a doctors referral for RMT?

No. You can book an appointment with any RMT professional, whether or not you have a prescription or referral.

Can I go to any Registered Massage Therapist or do I have to use the one my doctor recommended?

In accordance with "The Patient’s Bill of Rights" legislation, you have the authority to select the physiotherapy center of your choice for your healthcare.

While many physicians may offer recommendations for preferred physiotherapy centers, you are not obligated to follow their suggestions. Neither medical practitioners, insurance companies, nor any other entity can compel you to receive treatment at a specific physiotherapy center. The decision rests entirely in your hands.

Your fundamental patient rights encompass the following:

The Right to Quality Information: You have the privilege of accessing information about the qualifications of medical practitioners, pertinent statistics concerning hospitals and clinics, and a clear understanding of what your health plan covers.

The Right to Choose Your Healthcare Provider: This extends to specialists, including physiotherapists, allowing you to make informed decisions about your care team.

The Right to Emergency Services: You cannot be denied treatment in critical or emergency situations.

The Right to Decision-Making: You hold the authority to determine the course of treatment that aligns with your preferences and well-being.

The Right to Respect: You are entitled to respectful and unbiased treatment, irrespective of factors such as sex, age, race, national origin, sexual orientation, or disability.

The Right to Confidentiality: Your health information remains confidential and cannot be disclosed without your explicit consent.

The Right to Voice Concerns: All service providers, including insurance companies, physicians, clinics, and hospitals, are mandated to establish grievance procedures, ensuring your right to voice concerns is upheld.

Will my insurance cover RMT services?

Dealing with insurance can be complicated; any of the RMT professionals listed here will be glad to assist you and answer your questions. It is important to contact your insurance carrier to determine your coverage depending on your specific policy as they will not give practitioners access to this information prior to submitting a claim on your behalf.